Shiritsu Bakaleya Kouko [Private Bakaleya High School]

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Since my english's skill so troublesome .... i'll try my best for keep posting using english..i know my reader not only come from indonesia but also from overseas ^^v
OK here we go.. ^^
I Think most of you often hear this title on this week, YUPZ Shiritsu Bakaleya Kouko [Private Bakaleya High School]  new spring dorama that was stared by 6 boys of  Jhonny's junior and 6 girls of AKB48 . really make me little ...uhmmm yeaaaah jealous XD
 i bet you too

This dorama will be aired on 14th April 2012 at 12.10 AM [Japan Time]
this dorama telling about  Bakada High School, a school with dumb, delinquent boys, and  Daiichi Catteleya Academy, a school with beautiful, well-off girls, are merged to form Bakareya High School. However, Sakuragi Tatsuya (Morimoto Shintaro) who loves Bakada High School in every respect, reacts sharply against Shingyoji Eri (Shimazaki Haruka) who is equally proud of her almamater,

Minna  i bet you can guess what the previous... LOL yeah like pride's batlle between 2 school
this is the main character (I just knew  Jr. Only,   AKB48??? i don't care XDDD)

桜木達也 (森本慎太郎) Sakuragi Tatsuya (Morimoto Shintaro)

浅田哲也(松村北斗) Asada Tetsuya (Hokuto Matsumura)

寺川麻耶 (京本大我) Terakawa Maya (Kyomoto Taiga)
2-nen C-gumi.  Tatsuya's friend. Raised by his mother as a girl. => gyahahahahahahaaha special role for  Taiga XDDDD

野口聡 (田中樹) Noguchi Satoshi (Tanaka Juri)

ユウキ (ルイス・ジェシー) Yuki (Lewis Jesse)

神保誠 (高地優吾) Shinbo Makoto (Kouchi Yugo)

This is some photoshoot from a magz

and this is the Jr.Land video bout their dorama

Credit source: taigakyomoto@live journal,tokyohive,drama crazzy net
credit picture: imgur.com

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