[Download ] Sexy Zone 2nd Single - Lady Diamond + Making

Karen's Note
already open my Facebook account ,then i  rush in to Japan comunity group ,there are Download link for Sexy Zone 2nd Single Ureshi  >w<

this is list for 2nd Single with the main song is Lady Diamond surely ^0^

1. Lady ダイヤモンド [Lady Diamond]

(※フジテレビ系「リアルスコープZ」テーマソング)[Fuji TV - Real Cops Z- Theme Song]

2. 風をきって [Kaze wo Kitte]

(※NHK Eテレ アニメ『忍たま乱太郎』エンディングテーマ) [Nintama Hantarou ED]

3. High!! High!! People

4. 勇気100% [Yuuki 100%] 

(※NHK Eテレ アニメ『忍たま乱太郎』オープニングテーマ) [Nintama Hantarou OP]

5. Lady ダイヤモンド -Inst.-

6. 風をきって -Inst.-

7. High!! High!! People -Inst.-

8. 勇気100% -Inst.- 

honestly i little upset why Suki Sugite isn't include in it .. I love That Song >.<

I have two  links choose that you like
all is 320kbs Good quality ne.. ^^ thanks for uploader...But dont forget if you have more money buy the original CD 

Download Sexy Zone 2nd Album [ZIP] *dead link*
Download Sexy Zone 2nd Album

This is for making
go to HERE

8 komentar:

  1. awww. thank you so much for this! btw, i wanna join that japan community group in fb! ^^

    1. They kicked me out because i'm not active in that group :/
      , just at the begining i 'm active but lately i feel bore hehehehe . They had rule ,member who not active will be kicked out (like me ) LOL

  2. maaf selama ini saya tidak pernah bilang terimakasih. saya sering random mencari download link sexy zone di google, dan biasanya yang muncul blognya karen-san, sebelumnya saya sudah mendownload bbrp link dari blog karen-san, karena rasanya tidak sopan kalau saya tidak berterima kasih, jadi sekarang saya ingin berterima kasih untuk semuanya.
    hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita ^^

  3. hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu ^^

  4. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  5. apa ada link yg hidup? entah kenapa setiap aku klik link tersebut error

    1. untuk link mp3 masih hdup kok, dicoba lgi aja ,..
      tpi klo buat making emang kbnykn udah koid :|


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