Otanjoubi Boku No Ichiban Ryutaro Morimoto

Karen's Note

Otanjoubi Boku No Ichiban Ryutaro Morimoto

I dont know how to celebrated my ichiban's birthday.. tonight i just spend my time to watch old video like JJ Express performance.. and watch Fanvid of Ryu..
i also post many pic (surely Ryu) in my Facebook..
tag the other and write tanjoubi in every minute until getting tired LOL XD
but i  already realized.. how about my blog? i haven't post yet in my blog :DDDD
yaaah so here we go ..i  posted to you my ryu papapics colection (gathering from many source and sometimes take without permition and without credit when re-upload LOL ) since i love papapic so much .. I dont care..
if there are someone who angry because their own papapic was re-upload without permition please forgive me because this is special day for my ichiban and I ^^ :p

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