9 JUMP sent a Message Birthday for Ryutaro

Karen's Note
source  山田姫 @ Facebook

According to an insider, the 9 JUMP boys gathered in the Jimusho today (April 6, 2012) and sent Ryutaro a birthday message. The idea was suggested by Yabu. And insider also revealed part of the text. Asking Ryutaro if he's doing his best in studying. And also telling Ryutaro that 9 of them will wait for him to return"

I'm cried a lot read this T^T ,Yabu-chan really care to Ryu, other member also.. They will wait him to return ,come back to JUMP  *sob
sentences above ,i just re-post it. hiks hiksu hiksu...Ryu-chan Ganbatter ne.. we wait u..please keep in your mind . WE NEVER LEAVE U OR TRY TO FORGET YOU >.<

hueeeeeeeeeeeeeee >>>>>>>> Cries ,hug pillow T^T

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