SC 2012.05.09 Bakada Team - Shake it Up! + Soft Lyric

Karen's Note
"Reshare with permission. This link is not mine"

kyaaaaaaaaaaaa Bakada team peformance in Shounen Club
they sang Shake it up.. >w<
oh my God... Taiga expression so cool anyway..
and i noticed  hagi-chan ,his hair get shorter make him look more like chibi i though hohoho
credit: Tetsukohimura II
credit : me ^^

7 komentar:

  1. thx! Luv these guys & this song!

  2. thank you. i've been looking this perf ^^

  3. ah~ thankyou!
    finally found mediafire links with small size! ;)

  4. welcome.. ^^
    thanks to "budhe" who allowed me share her link

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