Ryutaro's Ringtone Special For You -ChuuNyuuRyu-

Ohayou minna-san.. ehehehe.. you know me so well haha ,i'm fangirls of Ryutaro Morimoto  ,since his statement about his carrer planning..and he decided to focus in study.. yeah honestly i was dissapointed. But no problem..i m good FG, i'll support whatever my idol decision..
i'm gonna miss him every day,sometimes dream about him..
soo...i often listen radio cut of hey!say !7 radio to little detract my missing pacento hahaha when i listen it there are funny part of ryutaro so i cut it ..to be Ringtone may be ahahaha
you wanna hear it minna-chan?

This special for you who miss this boy Douzo

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