Download ~Kamiki Ryunosuke Calender 2012

Just wanna share to you ..hehehehehe after browsing finally i get this stuff  >w<
ureshiiii....hahahaha i love this boy ,love his act skill...
there are someone who very kind wanna share her kamiki's calender . i already found it in LJ but unfortunately this kind girl being not active or may be willn't active in LJ anymoore. i see her Lj , she doesn't accept friends req anymore.. :( but i'm very thankful for her... :)
these are some preview of calender..

Can't say anything ex kyaaaaaa~ (~*0*)~

 owowowowowowow (+3+)

4 komentar:

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love you >A<.

  2. can't download ><

    1. Owh sorry for hear that ^^" , i dont have the link, i just found it accidentally.
      i think i know another LJ comunity which have this calendar . I'll tell you later


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