Myojo May 2013 Kishi X Jinguji X Genki X Reia Crosstalk [English Translation] ]

Karen's Note
Ohaaaaaaaa , i bring you my another translation, this 4 person talking in position as Senpai and Kouhai
what they talking about ? chek this out ^^
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Kishi Yuta X Jinguji Yuta X Iwahashi Genki X Nakamura Reia

Before entering high school, any  advice from senior?

Jinguji: From April Jinguji Yuta and Nakamura Reia finally will become High School students!
Kishi&Genki :Congratulation!!
Reia: When become high school student, does there is something changed?
Genki: All of them became like adult right ?
Jinguji: Hee., their body ? (Laugh) (bullying Genki was started XDD)
Genki: Not like that! I mean their area movement become wider , such hangout to the caffe with their friends
Kishi: I prefer to drugstore than café, because the candy cheaper in there <3 buy="" candy="" for="" only="" w=")<br"> Jinguji: oo.. that’s why in your bag always contains such pouch from drugstore ( O.O seriously i'm confused .. how become drugstore?)
Reia: how childish yo.~
Yuta : I’m Adult yo!
: You know ,  I have liitle ambition when I enter highschool
Kishi: What?  Dyed your hair become blue ?
Genki:Seems will be  good (laugh)
: Not like that, not such of thing  . I want always to be the earliest arrived at the class everyday . I will make record for that.
Jinguji: Hmmm..well.. Do your best!
Reia:  scary. .   well.. it well known as self –statiesfed
Jinguji: ya.i mean, how bout study?  seemed high school is serious ,but i’m looking foward to getting fun..
Kishi: a..say such thing, i did well on make  good friend with my teacher.
Jinguji: Senseiiiiiiieeeee~ <3 br="" ekspression="" feeling="" kishi="" such=""> Kishi: Hm.. yeah such feeling like that (laugh)
Genki: How bout Reia?  There is something make you anxious?
Reia: Yaa..not particualrly, but , may be some advice for such thing which troubled me ?
Genki: ee.. Unn well , anyway you must be more talktative than you know?  seemed youre type who can’t easily be friends
Reia: i’m totally ok yo! Suprisingly i’m not shy type  . last week i talked infront of the whole class and i’m confident
Genki: sorry .. i don’t know (cries) (bullied again XD)
Reia: so it couldn’t be any refference ~
Kishi: anway goodluck for your graduation!!
Even i haven’t entry yet  (entry to get school)  , altough  i think another thing of graduation? (laugh)
Jinguji : Altought in the fact Kishi kun  study for PE only !!
Kishi: Shutup!  i do something appropriate also, dont’ say like that! (laugh)

It’s such suitable with me!!

Reia: If  these 4 person in the same class, who will became class representative (kaichou) ?
Kishi: Yea.. it’s me first candidate!
Jinguji: No,no, definitely is me!
Reia: Ee, it’s me isn’t? In real
Genki : Everyone vote himself (laugh)
Reia: I don’t agree at all!
Jinguji: Yes, none of us !
Genki: So then.. who the class mood maker ?
Jinguji: It’s definitely kishi-kun right?
Reia: He is always loud (laugh)
Kishi: Well you could counting on me!
Reia: You study for that?
Kishi: Yes ,i do !
Jinguji: ( genki ,reia faced each other) Oii, it’s definitely tsukkomi !
Reia: Such thing popular among girl?
Kishi: Yes , i’m popular !
Jinguji: .......
Reia:  .........
Genki: ..........
Kishi:  ..I’m down yo..
Jinguji: Gyahahahahahaha!! (Laugh burst)
Genki: But Kishi-kun really popular
Kishi: No,no ..jinguji more popular
Jinguji : I’m not , kishi-kun rather than me (grins)
Kishi: I tell my self, it’s lie
Reia: Yeah , i always tell my self that i’m popular (laugh)
Jinguji: So.it can’t be helped, i’m popular (this kid really have such high level of over confident  XD)
Reia: How bout me ! me!  What character suitable for me?
: Reia is kid who really love drawing in the class
Reia: Ee~, i’m good in PE
Jinguji: The one who good at PE is  Iwahashi
Genki: Well, altough i played baseball rarely , if when it come to baseball, i definitely cofident yo
Kishi: No, i guess ,i ‘m better in baseball
Jinguji: Ooh, it become rival’s declaration !
Reia: Then , how bout my character?
: Type who good at study ?
Reia: Ah that’s good (LOL)
Kishi: But actually , together with these 4 person in same class, i definitely hate it!
Jinguji:There is no private things among us
Genki: Everyone speak their opinion naturaly (laugh)

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