Iwahashi Genki [English Translation] - Popolo May 2013

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"First,  i should try look at girl eyes whom i make target (sweat)"

Scene 1
I need friend’s help to be able do that.

Because imposible for me, I will borrow my friend’s Power!  Because I’m weak at talking with girl (laugh)But if he is same classmate, it will embarrased .
Even in ordinary conversation it’s only  “a..Oke “ or “ ah..is that so “  I have trouble in answering. (sweat). So I think  I can’t do anything  without friends.

Scene 2
reason  Imposible to holding hand!

Since I imposible eye contact with girls when talking, body touch is definetly imposible! But I have dream to try holding hands . But for now , imagine such thing is embarrassing (laugh).   I mean,  I still  wont to be an adult yet,  i’d like to be child .  (LOL GENKI XD)

Scene 3
Research of Favorit things

Hmm.., I will ask friends to research  about her favorite chlothes (laugh),  as  dreamed gift . i want to take her anywhere to the place she want to go .  it’s  something I don’t won’t to talk, it’s such wild idea right..? ( are you serious ? so please take me to your heart XD *slapped)

Scene 4
I think I will phone to ask her go out

Via mail or phone, even if I don’t see her eyes , I wonder , could I speak ? ..
Anytime  l will need help , I will phone her friends  who next to her . But sent email more better isn’t?  Like when she refused I will reply
“ a..that email was written by my friend “  so I can excuse my self  …… There is no such thing, I’m too delusional (laugh)   (cold joke =w=”)

Scene 5
Every night , before  going to bed I will imagine about date

I believe  “Love glance”!   love is important intuition . Before goint to sleep , i hope get something good , such where to go to eat something ,or  thinking about Date plan .  I’ll transmitted boy’s feeling when falling love someday .  For now I don’t do that before going to bed (laugh)

additional part

He is nice person , with a lot friends. But Unexpectedly he has hating lose personality, but it’s sometimes usefull try to compete againts partner in game .

Profile :
Name: Iwahashi Genki
Birthday : 17 Desember 1996
Place : Tokyo
Blood type : O

Memo :

I’m addicted to old cloths! There is shop which sells stuff from Amerika  , even complete vintage stuff ( old stuff , or in bahasa barang buatan jaman bahola alias lama alias kuno mungkin ya..hahaha ) . There is such lovely  jeans , it’s cool ,not too much damage . I will excited if talking about fashion with my friends. Even we made appoinment to go to the store now . (dasar artis XD )

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