My Blog Awards " The Cutest Man" Omedettou Chinen Yuri ^^)/

Yoshaaaa... poll was closed.. and the result for the cutest one issssss... Chinen Yuri [Hey!Say!JUMP] i was guest the result will like this ..hahaha  XD, so for celebrated Chinen who nominated as the Cuttest man tonight i'll  post Chinen pics spam
Douzoooo... ^0^

# nose bleed O....O"

alamaaaak ni bocaaaah kawaaiii nya g aketulungan.. itu balon nemu dimana nak? XD
eh cakep cakep ngupil..hehehehe XD

ish ish ish ..*FAINT :]

Bonus : NYC gif

Bonus NYC in blue >.< blueeee i love blue..

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