Download Sexy Zone Mp3 Full Track [Sexy Zone, With You, Knock!Knock!Knock!, I see the Light]

Now i just wanna share Sexy  Zone MP3,after waiting long time finally i got their MP3 hahaha..  love Knock!Knock!Knock! marius so kawai... >///< but i love Shori *Plak => Pedofil detected . Jhonny -san really great make us like Pedofil  *im already 19 years XD
how bout you ?
Gomen.. im not upload the instrumental one,very lazy hahaha.. but if you want that, just leave coment and i'll upload it later..
if you wanna share to other ,please don't hot link, just relink to my blog ne.. ^^ arigatou gozaimashu..

-Sexy Zone and   Lyric
-I see the Light ~Bokutachi no Stage~
-Knock!Knock!Knock! and  Lyric
-With You  and  Lyric

Password: sexyrosei already remove the pasword ,let the world hear this song ^^

I tried for search lyric too..douzo
Sexy Zone Lyric's

If there are trouble with the pasword please tell me, just   leave coment 
it wpould be nice if you leave coment for me,whatever your language.. it make me tanoshi ^^

8 komentar:

  1. eeh? dare? hahahaha.. Ryuchi???

  2. Iya XD
    Bikin blog baru gara gara blog kemaren kehapus T_T

  3. dare? Anonim who are you ? hahahahah XD

  4. Hahah itu anonym saya :D


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