Popolo June 2013 - Iwahashi Genki Translation [eng]

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[sentence in bracket with bold is my comment (●´艸`) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・]

Q1 : tell us recently thing you do
My room is such place for my fantasy. I like to arranging my room,  looking for character stuff such   bed cover, accecores for curtain in micelanous shop. I’m also like plain chlotes until i got stuck into Character stuff  .

Q2 : Do you have any special skill or hobby?
Baseball.  Right now,I’m addicted with batting center position. I hit the ball seriously and maked home run and got trophy for that. Let’s pratice more before Johnny’s baseball  tournament !

Q3 : Your favorit phrase (mouth habbit) ?
Oaa~iThis is popular among Jr. Actually this phrase is monomane of dancing teacher (laugh)
Before this,  if I do such thing (monomane) in front of people i’ll cold sweat ....  i’m not skillfull in lying (laugh)

Q4 : Do you keep any pet in your home?
Mix dog “Rookie”  and Yorkshire Terrier dog “shinachin” . hug dog tightly really healed me ! but my family not allowed me to take dog walk , that incomprehensible! Or they untrust me? (laugh)  
[may be they worried if you take them and sell them for Yakiniku (─‿‿─)|| since you like it so much ]

Rookie & Shinachin
Q5 : support from your family ,example?
My parent came to concert. My imouto (young sister)  seemed also came , but it revealed after 1 month.  She said “ isn’t something must be hidden right?” (laugh)

[QAQ he has young sister? wonder her face , it should be so cute since her brother so kawaii (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*]

Q6: Suppose the girl you like into animal?
May be  wan-chan (dog) ? Like golden retriever it has good reflexs and faithfull type. If I can’t do anything , if my partner isn’t steady person it would be bad. [Golden Retriever such a cute dog ▽・ω・▽ , you can search in google]

Q7 : Where do you want to go for spring date?
I want go to the sea of amerika with open car. It’s give me sense of freedom and I want to feel the warm wheather. But since I have no license that just delusion!
[(o∇0) hahahahahhaha you will get your license soon boy ]
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