My tanjobi , 20th .. being old ne ?

Karen's Note
Little piece of my Story , I was born at  November  27 thd 1992. it has been 20 years ago..^^
I will cry if my mom tell me how she had tried her best for keep me  in that time. Born as Premature baby made me different from other baby. My grand father wanted my mom to took me from hospital and brought me home.He sure i couldn't survive with that condition  because when i was born there were 7 baby that had same condition as me and 5 of them dead . But my mome rejected, because my mom believe i will keep alive . My Father has a same feeling also. Both of them take care of me so much. Almost a half of month i stay in Hospital until doctor permitted my parrent to took me home. 1 survived ..
My mom always  tell me how scared her when time to bath me came . Because my size haven't normal yet .
my body smaller than a cat. so my mom afraid when he leaved me to took water . So she would wrapped me with blanket . in the begining of first year i passed hard situation like when all my body changed so pale suddenly. Ah my mom tell me that mouth so small so i couldn't drink milk from my mom niple .
Thats Amazing i could live healty and normal now .. i am making friends, school, etc like another girl in  my age do..
Today i got bullied by my friend .. they pour tea , and jug water on me made me totally wet . Not stopped in that level my friend and senior in my unit activity broadcasting also bullied me even worst than before. they locked me until 17.00 pm and then pull me in to the pound . Yeaaaaks
after that they gave me  a birthday cake ..but nub my face with cream
Thanks for today.. this is the best Birthday i got ever . ^^
saaa this is the birthday cake.. so mess up deshou ..

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