Download Sexy Zone 3th Single SEXY SUMMER MP3

Karen's Note
Hey .., i know you already having their new single ^^, demo ne i like to sharing so here it is .. hihihihi
I only upload 4 , the instrumental ones i did not upload it ^^"

(c)picture -Ikinariya 

  1.     Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu (Sexy Summerに雪が降る)
  2.     Kimi no tame boku ga iru (キミのため ボクがいる)
  3.     Ame datte (雨だって) (Sexy Boyz)
  4.     Bayside Elegy (ベイサイドエレジ)
PW : onnanohimitsu  <== [Block to see it ]

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