Nakayama Yuma New Dorama "PIECE"

Karen's Note
Subarashii >< wow this october i will able to watch my lovelly prince " Nakayama Yuma " in his New Dorama , and not only  that . Hokuto and Nozawa Yuuki (Noonboyz) also Kentarou Yasui will join too :3
Oh My GOD , every month will so busy with such thing like dorama >< , last year is bakaleya , and around 2012 , GTO, Ghost Mama Sousen , Kuro no onna kyoushi  , wwaaaaaaaaaa . My hardisk T.T i will not able to delete some of my lovelly dorama collection .  I hope i have new hardisk ==" so i have no worried to download many drama and keep store the old one .
Ok enough for mumbling here XD, my task is bring the news  for you *sorry
Yeah like other source said , this dorama based on Shoujo manga that has same title "PIECE"or has  another title Kanojo noKioku


Yuuma will be the lead role , he played as high school student named Hikaru Narumi
and the girl lead role will played by Honda Tsubasa . She will be koukosei (highschool ) girl  named Mizuho

and do you want hear my opinion for this dorama,?  uhmm i think Yuuma will have his kiss scene again after in vampire boys with kato rosa # i hate said this one , but it will have probability 70 % . Why?  you can tell after  read below , i get from   http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-09-07/hinako-ashihara-piece-shojo-manga-gets-live-action-show

Hinako Ashihara's Piece Shōjo Manga Gets Live-Action Show

The October issue of Shogakukan's Betsucomi shōjo magazine is announcing on Thursday that Hinako Ashihara's Piece manga is getting adapted as a live-action television series.

The story begins a few years after high school graduation, when the main character Mizuho receives an unexpected phone call. She learns of the passing of a high school classmate named Haruka Origuchi. Haruka was a plain girl who did not draw attention, but Mizuho discovers to her shock that Haruka was pregnant during high school. Now, Haruka's mother wants Mizuho's help in finding the father of Haruka's unborn child.

Even as she assembles the puzzles pieces of Haruka's life, Mizuho fears delving too far in her past. Mizuho shared her first kiss with a boy named Hikaru Narumi in high school, and their lives may cross paths again.

Ashihara launched the manga in Betsucomi in 2008, and Shogakukan published the eighth volume in June. Viz Media published Ashihara's Sand Chronicles and SOS manga in North America, while Tokyopop published Forbidden Dance.

[Via Manga News]

So what do you think minna? :3

HERE if you want to watch the CM

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