Watching J-Drama Sprout ep.#1

Karen's Note
finished watching SPROUT via streaming T.T and .. Jesseeeeeeeeeeeee hueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he had KISS SCENE AT THE FIRST EPISODE !!! * criedrollingonthefloor

thanks to yamaachitaro who upload SPROUT in youtube
Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Arara, so fast!!
    Thank you for sharing this!!! *thousand kisses ^^

    *aks too bad Jesse already had kiss at the first episode ;__;

  2. thanks for sharing~
    i think jesse did a fake kiss on that scene.. :)
    I hope Chinen do so..just a fake one..

  3. wooah.....
    so fast ne...

    I like you karen >~<
    thank you very much~ <3 >3<

  4. Thanks so much!!!! Waaahhh and I loved loved loved the first episode it was amazing and I am so loking orward to the next one!! *0*


    the ending killed me "ore no kanojo" WHAT askdsljfhLSJDFBGlhjf...!!!

  5. ;________; i never expected that jesse will has his kiss scene at the first episode huhuhuhuhuhu #thismorningthemeis brokenheart

  6. Well I think it wasn't a real kiss since you don't really see there lips touching. But yeah though I like this guy so much too I kind of liked this scene (knowing that it was fake) because it gave him such a bad boy image and I looooooooooooooooove it!!!! XDDDD
    What killed me most ist that I think he kissed the girlfriend of Chinen... I am quite sure it was this girl. What do you think?

  7. well after re-re -re-watching LOL , i have conclusion same as you wwwww XD
    their lips not touched each other ,even we couldn't see it . but we never knew what trully happen LOL , i hope jesse doesnt really kiss that girl waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    which girl? Miku? in this story Miyuki is girl friend of chinen na .. but may be lately will changed ,since miku like shohei .
    lets see until end hahahahah BD

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