[Download] Snow Prince -/Sunô purinsu: Kinjirareta koi no merodi

Karen's Note

Hopeless but no anymore

You know guys yesterday.. the whole day, ah not may be a half day i try my best for get this  movie since its long time, Many download link was dead, i'm so frustated and hopeless until i type magical key word and taraaaaaaaaaaaa
i got it
demo.. i dont know the source of the link
so ijust re-POST here Gomenasai for the owner

 after get the raw , i need the eng sub ,demo again.. many download link was dead , torrent doesnt work  and a whole night i search in various key word until the  next morning , i retry again and .. yokatta ne i got it again TvT
and i decided to re -upload the softsub as anticipate many dead link , two is better  than one right ..
so i just want to shared with you . This movie so touch me.. i cried lot TvT .. saa.. douzo minna,, 

Title: Snow Prince
Aka: Suno purinsu: Kinjirareta koi no merodi
Year: 2009
Director: Joji Matsuoka
Genre: Drama
Duration: 01:55:28
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles:  English 


10-year-old Sota lives with his grandfather and a dog named Chibi in a small snowy village. They live in such a poverty that Sota cannot even afford to go to school, but however hard the situation is, Sota never holds a bad feeling against anyone around and keeps his dream alive to become a painter. He has been friends with Sayo, a girl brought up in a wealthy family, ever since they were little despite the difference of their family position, which Sayo’s father has uneasy feelings against. In spite of the difficulties he faces, Sota manages to complete a piece of painting which he wishes to give Sayo. He and Chibi goes down a snowy night path to Sayo’s house to find that her father’s storage is on fire... What waits for Sota and Chibi gently reminds that genuine happiness always exists in your heart. 

for more info
Asianmediawiki (http://asianmediawiki.com/Snow_Prince)
official site (http://www.snowprince.jp/)


credit to the owner
get from http://www.4shared.net

You must join the file to watch it , you wiil need HJ-Split
download HJ Split HERE
Tutorial to how using HJ-Split go to HERE

or you could watch using VLC player

19 komentar:

  1. Thanks for all the effort. This brings back so many memories <3

    1. yes.. i'm cry a lot tonight after rewatching this movie for 2nd time XD LOL
      and how pretty sad the ending of this movie .. *cry cry cry..

  2. ah.. i also find so much trouble to get this movie months ago.. i only get midle quality one in tudou.. ^^
    shinchan in this movie really different with tatsuya ne.. he is cute in snow prince

    1. yeah i almost to give up XD, really different ,he was very cute here...

  3. hank you so much^^
    im taking it ne :')

  4. Arigatou for the link ne^^

  5. Thanks for sharing :''''''''''''''''''''''')

    1. Youre welcome .. :) , Glad the links have not deat yet

  6. ne... do u have "risou no musuko" dorama download?? :'''< I can't find it everywhere

    1. many download link were dead , but try to grab here http://doramax264.com/9853/risou-no-musuko/

  7. thank you so much for sharing this :)
    kyaaa *hugs you*
    i've been searching for this a long time ago, now i got it from your blog.. it's awesome! thank you :)
    keep good work~ ;)

  8. i dunno how to watch it with this file :(
    help me pleasee :(

    1. if you have VLC player , you can watch using that , or you must join all file using HJ SPLIT , download here http://www.hjsplit.org/windows/ ^^ , i will put the how tutorial join the files using HJ-SPLIT later

    2. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  9. Thank you for sharing !! this help me for watch! thank you so much :D

  10. kok film snow princenya ga bisa kebuka???
    ada link yg lain gakk??

  11. I can't download it may i know the magical keyword^^ i will search it on 4shared, i know i late but i want to watch it so bad:(


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