Download Soundtrack Kuro no Onna Kyoushi | GTO 2012| Ghost Mama Sousen

Karen's Note

 Hi , long time didnt make post  in here XD , uhm end i have many thing that i want to share with u all.
Seems some Summer drama's soundtrack like GTO soundtrack (EXILE TRIBE - 24karats TRIBE OF GOLD),  and Kuro no onna kyoushi Soundtrack The OVER- UVERworld  become trending topic in japa now, also i like OST Ghost Mama Sousen too Tsubomi by AquaTimez :3
I love both of these song , may be youu like to hear it too ?
Dont wait! Lets Download  ^^


|The OVER- UVERworld |


Pw : himitsu   <= [block to see it ]

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